The Dirty Dozen, Plus One

Dive deep into the spiritual tapestry woven more than two thousand years ago with a unique cast of characters—the Original Dirty Dozen. While the world knows the tale of "The Dirty Dozen" from film, the true story that inspired the name centers around the first twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, handpicked to spread the divine message of love, hope, and salvation.

From humble fishermen to fervent zealots, each Apostle had a life-changing encounter with the Son of God. Amid their numbers was one who would choose a darker path, leading to betrayal. Discover their struggles, their faith, and their ultimate destinies as they embarked on the monumental task of introducing the Gospel to the world.

But this is not merely the story of twelve. It's the tale of the thirteenth Apostle, the "plus one"—Paul. From his dramatic transformation on the road to Damascus to his unyielding dedication to Christ's teachings, Paul's journey adds a crucial chapter to this narrative.

"The Dirty Dozen, Plus One" offers a fresh perspective on familiar Biblical stories, underscoring the humanity of these chosen men, their shared mission, and the eternal message they carried forth. Dive into a world of faith, sacrifice, and divine purpose, and uncover the true essence of leadership and commitment through Christ's chosen thirteen.


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